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lovemydarkness's Journal

Dark Link and Link... They are so after each other
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A community for the rare paring, Dark Link and Link! Post fanfics, fanart, doujinshi or whatever yhou want. However, like every good community, we have rules:

1. More that 4 pictures must be put under an LJ cut. Don't know what that is? Ask. We don't bite. n_n

2. Anythink R-NC17 MUST be put under an LJ cut!

3. Long fanfictions must also be put under an lj cut.

4. No flaming/fighting. Even though I love a flame war like next person, this is a public community, not my journal, so if you want to fight, take it somewhere else.

5. You shall all bow to your moderators and shower them with presents Respect everyone!